English + ASU Credit

Improve your English language proficiency and intercultural communication, expand your world view, boost your resume, experience American college life and earn university credit at the same time.

Study on campus at a top American university

The global workforce continues to transform and it’s important to gain the skills you need to stay competitive, expand your impact and even impress potential employers. Through Global Launch at Arizona State University, you can improve your English proficiency and earn undergraduate credit from a world-renowned university to transfer back to your home institution.

Course details

*Students with an intermediate level of English will need one additional semester of English before enrolling in their ASU for-credit courses.

Timeline of study

The English + ASU Credit option is administered over the course of one semester (16 weeks). You will split your time between the Global Launch English language program and your ASU undergraduate degree course throughout the semester. 

The Global Launch English language program offers six levels: basic through advanced. It takes 8 weeks to complete one level. The English + ASU Credit option is only offered to participants at the advanced level. Students may enroll in as many English language sessions as needed to achieve the Advanced 1 level before transitioning into English + ASU Credit. 

Timeline of Study

Participate in English + ASU Credit

The English + ASU Credit option is exclusively offered for special groups.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Prospective students who wish to go directly to ASU outside of the Global Launch English language program would be considered regular international students and would need to meet all standard ASU admission requirements.

An applicant who has not met the English language proficiency requirement for English + ASU Credit will be invited to join the Global Launch English language program and will not be able to take an ASU class until the required English proficiency is attained. Global Launch has a free language diagnostic test which students can take to get an indication of how long they can expect to study at the Global Launch English language program.

No. English + ASU Credit requires that all classes are attended in person, i.e. “campus immersion”.

Yes, in addition to applying for admission to the Global Launch English language program, students will also apply to ASU as a non-degree student and will not need to provide high school or college transcripts during the application process.

1. Go to the Course Catalog page https://catalog.apps.asu.edu/catalog/courses

2. Click “Search classes” for the semester you will attend.

3. For “Academic Level”, choose “lower division”. For “Colleges and Schools”, choose “Liberal Arts and Sciences”.

It is important to note that course selection and enrollment are dependent on your English language program class schedule.