What is ASU-USA Pathways?

Your Pathway to the Future

The ASU-USA Pathways program is designed for international students who do not meet the academic requirements for undergraduate admission to ASU and who need to improve their English language level. Qualifying students will gain admission to ASU, be better prepared to perform in the American university classroom and will earn up to 26 credits toward an undergraduate degree at ASU or any other American university.


Global Launch is excited to bring expanded access for international students to make progress toward a degree and earn your way into ASU, no matter what your GPA was in high school.

Check out the “Earned Pathways” eligibility program requirements for more information.

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Why Choose ASU-USA Pathways?

Program Details

The ASU-USA Pathways program is offered in 1 or 3-terms, with degree tracks in Business, Global Management or Arts and Sciences within the W. P. Carey School of Business, the Thunderbird School of Global Management or the New College of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences. 

To determine your eligibility for the 1 or 3-term pathway, please review our admission requirements.

During your time in the ASU-USA Pathway program, you will begin your freshman year for-credit courses (first year) in your degree program of choice, along with ASU-USA Pathway non-credit support classes to help you improve your English and academic performance at the university-level.

When you successfully complete your term within ASU-USA Pathways, you will have the academic credits required to continue your academic career at ASU, or transfer to another U.S. university. 

Program Structure and Curriculum

Your secondary school Grade Point Average (GPA) determines the duration of the ASU-USA Pathways program. Your track, duration, and intake determine which courses you will take, shown with • below.

  Course title Business track


1-semester program
3-semester program
Global Management track
Arts and Sciences track


1-semester program
3-semester program
Non-credit language and support courses
Academic Skills 1
Academic Skills 2 and 3    
Academic Foundations 1
Academic Foundations 2 and 3    
Applied English 1
Applied English 2    
ASU academic credit courses
Computer Applications and Technology (January start only) (January start only)
Principles of Macro/Microeconomics    
First-Year Composition 1 and 2    
Introduction to Academic Writing
Introduction to Human Communication (August start only) (August start only)
College Algebra/Calculus (January start only)
Student Success in Business    
The Living World   (August start only) (August start only)
Total transferable credits:


      10                           26
     9 or 10


Degree Tracks

After you successfully complete the ASU-USA Pathways Program, you will progress to full-degree study into one of the following ASU undergraduate degree programs*:

*Progression requirements vary by term and degree track. Academic credits earned in the ASU-USA Pathways Program can be transferred to ASU or any other U.S. university.

Progress to Degree Study

At the end of your time in the ASU-USA Pathways program, you will progress into your degree program of choice at Arizona State University or any other U.S. university and be on track to finish your undergraduate journey in four years.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does ASU-USA Pathways cost?

Please visit our "tuition and fees" page for more information.

Where will I live?

Visit our on-campus housing and dining page for more information.

Can I live with my friends in the dormitory?

Yes, you may request to live with a friend or family member of the same gender in the on-campus residential facilities but placement is not guaranteed.

Can I live off campus?

Students are encouraged to live on campus during their freshman year (first year) at ASU. However, if you would like to live off campus, please speak to an ASU-USA Pathways advisor before you make arrangements by emailing usapathways@asu.edu or by calling +1 602-543-1060.

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