Teach English Now! Conference

Engaging learners from around the world

The Teach English Now! Conference at Arizona State University offers networking, collaboration and learning opportunities with other TESOL educators from around the globe. The Teach English Now! Conference is open to more than 200,000 TEN! participants from every country in the world. 

Past conferences

Learner’s First
May 2-3, 2019
First- ever virtual conference

Your learners are at the heart and soul of your classrooms and shortly will be thrust into the center of business, academics, and politics.  At this year's conference, we invite you to think about student engagement, learning, and what we can do to create student-centered classrooms.  This year, let's put students first.


Plenary Speakers

Dr. Shane Dixon – Belief, Approach, and Motivation: The Three Pillars of Language Learner Success

Jessica Cinco – How to Engage Your Students to Approach Learning with Wholeheartedness.


Intersection 1: Soft Skills for the Modern Learner

Soft skills, like using teacher talk, implementing practices that lower learners’ affective filter, setting compassionate boundaries, encouraging students to listen to understand instead of respond, are just as important as technology, clear, measurable objectives, and well-developed lesson plan. In this intersection, experts will highlight the most needed soft skills for today's modern learner.


Intersection 2: Spotlight on Learner Engagement

In this intersection, you will hear about learners that inspire others, promote innovation, and are already changing the world. You'll see how learners engaged in not only language but the world itself.


Intersection 3: Outside the Box Activities for the Modern Learner

Discover new, innovative activities that promote language acquisition and excites learners. Here our experts will share “outside the box” activities that are sure to pique your interest and get you thinking about your classroom in new ways.


Intersection 4: Tech for the Modern Learner

Technology, when aligned with the lesson objectives, can transform the language learning experience for learners. In this intersection, our community will share how different technologies—a website, app, tool, device—engaged learners and promoted efficient language acquisition.

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