Our Mission

Our Mission

At Global Launch we seek to inspire globally minded students, educators, and leaders to change their lives and the world.

Our Vision

As leaders in international training and English language education, we aim to expand ASU's global impact and enhance learners' success through innovative academic and skills development programs, reaching any learner anywhere.

Our Values


Serve students

We value the success of our learners, above all else.

Serve each other

We strive to take care of and empower ourselves and our colleagues.

Serve the university

We serve ASU as innovative experts in global education and improving educational access for international students.

Value diversity

We recognize the unique experiences of our students, faculty and staff, and actively make diversity and inclusion a priority in our decisions .

Take ownership

We are accountable for our roles and contribute to the advancement of our team.

Act efficiently

We act with efficiency to maintain our high standards of quality, and to meet the needs of our learners, colleagues, and partners, wherever they are.

Embrace challenges

We are ambitious risk-takers who are constantly changing and adapting to make our organization and programs better.




2022 Annual Report