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English for ASU Admission FAQs

No, you cannot attend Global Launch and ASU at the same time, as ASU requires completion of the Global Launch program as proof of English proficiency for admission into any for-credit course.

The term conditional admission is more specifically applicable to university undergraduate degree applicants. Conditional admission is specifically related to improving your English before admisson.

Graduate students may recieve an “admit (or admission) with deficiencies.” This status mean that the student may need to improve their English study at a U.S. university, need to take any prerequisite academic courses such as math, or a combination of both. 

For more information, contact a student advisor within your ASU school of choice. 


All ASU undergraduate degree programs accept a passing score in the Global Launch English language program instead of the TOEFL test as proof of English proficiency for ASU admission.

Only select ASU graduate degree programs accept Global Launch as proof of English proficiency. Visit our English Language Proficiency page for details and a list of schools. 


Visit the English Proficiency for ASU admission page


Yes, the ASU Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law will accept Global Launch as proof of English proficiency for graduate admission. You must earn a 3.3 overall GPA with no grades lower than a B in each of your Global Launch Advanced 2 level classes to qualify.


While all students will achieve an Advanced level of English and university preparation in all Global Launch courses, admissions requirements vary by university. Contact your university’s admissions office to learn more.

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