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Through Global Launch’s online Academic English courses, you will improve your reading, writing, listening and speaking to gain the confidence to express yourself in any academic setting, whether you are a student, teacher or other academic professional. 

When you successfully complete the Academic English online course, you will be prepared to succeed in an American academic setting, write for academic publications or even give your own academic lectures.

Learning Outcomes

Academic Thinking Course 1

In this course you will develop critical thinking when reading and researching academic texts, improve your note taking skills, and make hypotheses in your writing.

Academic Thinking Course 2

In this course you will learn how to conduct research, distinguish fact and opinion and purpose and bias, and analyze evidence in academic texts and writings.

Academic Writing

In this course you will organize your writing by using cohesive writing devices effectively, learn how to write various types of essays using cause and effect, sequential order and problem and solution, learn to answer comprehension essay questions.

Academic Research

In this course you will learn to evaluate research for accuracy and credibility. Learn how to incorporate research findings into your academic writing, and learn about the proper U.S. standards for academic citations and integrity.

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