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English is the international language of business, the internet, and science. Proficiency in the language is steadily becoming more and more necessary among professionals.

Through Global Launch’s online Business English courses, you will learn to communicate about topics such as management, finance and marketing, practice writing proposals and executive summaries, and learn the necessary language structures to run a meeting, achieve sales, and negotiate business transactions.

Learners will also participate in a Capstone project to simulate a new product launch, providing learners a variety of linguistic tools with practical applications in a variety of business scenarios.

When you successfully complete the Business English online course, you will be prepared to conduct critical business with partners in the English language.

Learning Outcomes

and Administration

In this course you will learn business terms, learn about the hiring and training processes, conduct effective business meetings, plan meeting agendas, practice active listening and learn how to effectively mentor.

and Finance

In this course you will write and create emails and reports, learn to communicate under pressure, converse about salaries and budgets, and learn terminology to execute negotiations.

and Sales

In this course you will practice persuasion, learn vocabulary related to market research, branding and advertising, learn how to brainstorm and pitch a product.

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