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Global Launch’s Learn English Now! online English courses allow learners of any language level to improve upon their English language skills right away. 

Mobile apps and free streaming videos can’t give you the education you need to learn useful language skills.

Global Launch’s Learn English Now! general English courses will give you the opportunity to communicate in social settings and give you the basic foundation you need to build upon your language abilities. 

No matter which course you choose, you will learn from Global Launch master and PhD level educators at a top-ranked American university.

These courses are not accepted for ASU admission.

Learning Outcomes

Course 1

In this course you will observe and study authentic conversations, organize ideas using simple sentence structure, and learn to describe aspects of your day-to-day life using the present tense.

Course 2

In this course you will expand upon your current knowledge of English vocabulary, learn how to use grammatical structures in writing, learn and use the past and future tenses, and learn how to use opportunities in your daily life to improve your English.

Course 3

In this course you will learn to identify levels of detail in writing and speaking, learn to communicate with native speakers, give long presentations in English and answer detailed questions in writing.

Course 4

In this course you will participate with videos and discussion boards, explain cause and effect, express your opinion and learn to speak in conversational settings easily.

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